Along with our rental properties Rent Adriatic can offer booked guests a selection of additional services for their stay. In each country we work with trusted partners in all manner of fields, in order to make a guests stay complete and stress free. The services on offer for guests range from airport transfers, excursions, car hire, boat hire and any other specific requests they may desire.

  • Booked guests might be interested in rent a car hire, especially if they are renting a property in the hillside or plan to travel around visiting different towns and attractions. We can offer guests a good choice of vehicles through our trusted car rental partners that can offer the right vehicles for great prices. We can also arrange for the car hire companies to deliver and collect vehicles at rented properties or airports, whichever the guest may be prefer.
  • Booked guests may wonder how to get to and from their rental property for arrival and departure dates. Instead of taking expensive taxi's, why not book a recommended transfer service in advance of their stay from our transport partners. The transfers are normally from all airports direct to the rented properties doorstep. We work with trusted transport partners in each country, which have reliable, non smoking and safe drivers and also safe and clean vehicles.
  • Booked guests may also wish to book an excursion for their stay and again we are happy to recommend professional tour guides for whichever type of attraction, activity or place guests might wish to visit or partake in; whether it be hiking, rafting, kayaking, canyoning or just having a tour guide to show a town around, whatever they may require we shall recommend a professional person or company to contact.
  • Booked guests may also wish to book a boat tour or a yacht for the day or to go fishing, again whatever a guest may require we are happy to recommend our Adriatic sailing operators. We have partners along the whole coast of the Adriatic, such as in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro all offering different types of boat/yacht hire and sailing adventures, so why not jump on deck and experience the best of the crystal clear Adriatic sea. 
  • We can offer property services for home owners, such as property maintenance in each country for their rentals. The maintenance services would include management for properties in the summer or winter periods and for the running of properties on short term rentals. The management services for rental would be complete and offer the duties of cleaning, key holding, collecting deposit, meet and greet welcome and final departure goodbye for staying guests.
Please do not hesitate to be in touch with our friendly staff for all price quotes, details or information required; as we are always here to offer our friendly assistance!